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5 Pillar Experience

No Space? No Equipment? No Staff? No Problem!

5 Pillar Fitness understands the challenges facing a small company interested in starting a corporate wellness program.  Remote working is at an all-time high and businesses need innovative solutions that keep employees focused, engaged, and productive.  This is why 5 Pillar fitness uses leading-edge science in creating an innovative mind-body training system that is delivered entirely online.

Three Packages To Choose From: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

We realize that every company is interested in maintaining a healthy and engaged workforce.  That's why 5 Pillar Fitness designed an innovative and highly effective corporate training program based on three goals: to help people optimize health, maximize human potential, and achieve peak performance.

Implement With Ease

 If your company is new to corporate fitness, starting a new program doesn't have to be overwhelming.

5 Pillar Fitness will work with you to implement your next corporate wellness program with ease. We've created a system that is rooted in science and takes full advantage of modern technology to bring the best of mind-body training to your desk-based employees.  Imagine launching a successful corporate wellness program for all of your employees at the click of a button.  The future of corporate health is finally here!  

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