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What is Pillar 5


Innovative Mind-Body Training Programs for Optimal and Peak Performance



Muscular Endurance

Aerobic Conditioning

Muscular Strength



Stretching your body increases deeper physical movement, while building strength and stability. It will lead to a greater range of motion that will improve your ability to promote your businesses and live your daily lives.


Aerobic Conditioning

The use of rhythmic exercises to pump blood through the lungs and the heart, allowing vital oxygen to be delivered to the muscles and organs. Exercises that we do are stretching techniques and cardio.

Fun Workout

Muscular Endurance

Ability of a given muscle to exert force over a period of time, this is your stamina. 

We will work on your cardio here. There will be alot of movement, like running and box jumping. 5 Pillar trainers will test your valor with every exercise by pushing you to your limit. 

Make sure to bring enough water or your choice in hydration to stay on your feet!!!

Image by Sam Moqadam
Muscular Endurance

Nutrition/Body Composition

Nutrition is very important in keeping your body healthy and your weight from making your exercises harder. Another words, if your over weight and unhealthy, it will be harder to run, walk or lift. Let me explain with an example:


I had a client that was 300lbs and started working with me. He couldn't walk on the treadmill because the weight of his body was adding to his overall body weight, thus adding to how hard his body had to work. He could only walk on the treadmill for 15mins. After losing that 30lbs, he was able to run for those 5mins. That was a very big improvement.

As for nutrition, he added to the exercise regimen I gave him and with eating a balanced diet and became able to move again, something he never thought he was able to do. These are my dietary suggestions:

Eat plenty of Fruits. They are a great snack and very portable.

Vegetables are your best friend. They improve your energy and can be added to any meal, even spiced up with a little creativity

Drink plenty of water. This will help against dehydration, viruses and other illness, health skin and overall body health

Make sure you manage your mental health as well with plenty of relaxation and planned time off from responsibilities to avoid burnout and other issues.

Muscular Strength

The amount of force you exert and the amount of you can move in a short period of time.

Weight Lifting

Resistance Training

Bodyweight exercises

We will also do Cardio, like running and walking on a treadmill or in the community, whichever you prefer.

Nutrition and Strength
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